Let’s Start Something!

Here is some of what’s awesome about StartSchool…


Every month we have a catchup where one of our STARTERs share their story of STARTing. It’s an awesome opportunity to hear some of the leaps and pitfalls of a Starters’ journey that may help inspire your own.

We hold StartStories on the third Thursday of every month.

Check out the events section of our community to find out more.


Check out our series of workshops to help you START. Focused on helping equip YOU, YOUR IDEA and YOUR BUSINESS these workshops provide an opportunity to share your idea and bring it to life.

The full calendar can be found here.


Our 9 week CO.STARTERS program takes you from IDEA to reality. With a small group size you get quality facilitation and support from others.

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Our coaches are available to work one on one with you to bring your idea to reality. Whether it’s a single brainstorming session or a regular session designed to support your journey we can arrange the support you need.

Enquire about coaching here.


The StartSchool community is both online and in person. Our Mighty Network community provides a platform to connect and share with other Tasmanian Starters.

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Our mentors are here to help support and expand your thinking about your business as it grows. We match you with a mentor for the right stage of growth for you.

Enquire about mentoring by emailing us at info@startschool.com.au

Virtual Board

As your business grows it is worth considering having a Board to help shape and guide your business. Our mentors are available to sit regularly as a Virtual Board for your business.

Enquire about setting up a Virtual Board by emailing us at info@startschool.com.au.